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About The Cottage Agents

The Cottage Agents is a family run business providing bespoke management services to the owners of holiday homes on the Isle of Man.  We aim to take the stress out of using your property as a holiday let; looking after your property, your bookings, and your guests.  

If you have an existing holiday home you’ll already know how much time you need to dedicate to running the business successfully; many owners have other commitments and know that it's not easy to manage everything.  If you own a second home on the Island and have considered letting it to visitors but don’t know where to begin, the Cottage Agents can help you.

We have the benefit of over ten years’ experience of working in the Island’s visitor economy and advising owners how to maximise the potential of their properties.  Many owners consider letting their property to visitors to be less risky than a long term let; and the income potential is significantly higher.  We can offer advice about occupancy rates, rental income, and how best to market your property so that you can achieve the best possible return on investment.  

The professional management services provided by the Cottage Agents ensure that your property is being well maintained and kept clean and in good order.  This gives particular peace of mind if you are not based on the Island as you know that while you are away the property will be safe and well managed.  Our passion for quality and service means that we aim to give both our owners and their guests the best possible experience. For more details, contact us now or take a look at the overview of services we offer.



About Me

Nikki Salmon


The Cottage Agents is owned and managed by Nikki Salmon, who is already a familiar face within the Island’s visitor economy sector. Nikki spent 11 years working for Isle of Man Tourism, most recently as Business Development Manager of the Quality and Service team, providing a new business advisory service to people who are interested in starting a new tourism business on the Island.  Nikki has a very keen interest in the Isle of Man as a destination and an excellent working knowledge of the visitor economy. Her extensive local knowledge and experience, together with excellent working relationship with key stakeholders in the industry, and her understanding of visitor expectations, allows the Cottage Agents to provide a unique, comprehensive consultancy service to new businesses.

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